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Matt Scott Soakwells offers soakwells, drainages and Stormwater/Silt pits installation and maintenance to meet the stormwater needs of both new and established properties. We also supply concrete and plastic soakwells to most areas of Perth and its surrounding. We offer a highly professional service throughout Perth. We work on both residential and commercial projects, so give us a call for a free quote!

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Soakwell Installation

When a storm does hit in Perth, it tends to come with a downpour. Without proper drainage, excess water will be left to accumulate around your property, causing the foundations to deteriorate over time. As the structure weakens, cracks will eventually form, leading to leaks and potential flooding. At Matt Scott Soakwells, we ensure nsure to use only the best in premium concrete soakwells and polypropylene soakwells in order to give you the highest quality. Do not hesitate to contact us for the best soakwells services.

Stormwater/Silt Pit Connections

Matt Scott Soakwells also offers silt traps as part of its overall stormwater management system design. Silt Traps help ensure your stormwater system works effectively and efficiently. We use high quality and cost effective drain pit protection device designed to protect stormwater systems during the construction of infrastructure projects. It captures silt, course sediments and debris that can affect stormwater drainage and form blockages within the system.

Drainage System Services

When it comes to rain water removal, gutters are only some piece of the puzzle. Once the water is collected, it has to be directed smartly to somewhere else. Ground drains take care of this by creating an underground network of pipes that will move the water away from your foundation and to a safer area. We develop and install all types of drainage systems for your sports field, golf course, residential, commercial, or other large scale site throughout Perth and its environ.

Repairs & Maintenance

When your soakwell does not function properly, have it repaired, before it causes costly damage to your house or a neighbour’s property. A soakwell will typically stop functioning for two reasons, either it is full of materials and has no volume to contain the water or a thin layer of material, such as mud or hydrocarbon buildup, is preventing the water from soaking out into the sand. Our professionals have the experience to repair your faulty soakwells and get them working properly in no time.



Carefully Identify Site

We identify a soakwell installation site that is at least 1.5m away from the main structure of your property.


Dig a Hole

We will then dig a hole to fit the soakwell to be installed.


Use Protective Fabrics

We will wrap soakwell in a protective fabric to keep out debris and other materials.


Install Soakwell

The next step is to install the soakwell by lowering it into the dug ground.


Connect PVC Piping

We cut into the side of the soakwell and connect it to the downpipe using PVC piping.


Apply the Finish

We will then cover it with sand and flatten and compact the ground, carefully returning any pavers and surface materials to their original positions.


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Prompt quick and very professional. I will be recommending your services to all my friends seeking soakwells in Perth.



Well what a great job Matt! On time and on budget as promised. I work for a builder in Perth and can only wish all trades were as prompt, professional and pleasant as Matt Scott Soakwells. Already recommended you to my clients. Thank you so very much. Cheers.



What a great people to deal with, very friendly and pleasant at all times, eager to please and the work was of a high standard. I will be using this company again, and would definitely recommend people to uses this business. Thanks Matt for great service. Kind regards.


Gold Coast

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